Why QR Code Campaigns Fail.

Since diving into the land of QR codes this week, I decided to download the QR code reader and do some scanning. To my surprise, after learning the best ways to use QR codes in a marketing campaign, I was disappointed in most of the scans I made with my handy dandy new tool.

Most codes just brought me to the company’s website. After being shown stats such as “62% of shoppers search for deals digitally for at least ½ their shopping trips” or, “95% of smartphone uses seek out to find local establishments and entertainment “; It’s clear anyone can find a website without the help of yet another outlet.

With those kinds of stats why in the world are companies using QR codes for a URL destination? Chances are, if someone is looking for your services in your area they have already been to your site. So, now the question is “what’s going to endear them to becoming a loyal customer?”

Its official, I’m addicted to scanning every QR code I come in contact with. I’m hoping that from seeing tens or hundreds of codes I will be afforded the opportunity to see how to improve future code use.

The QR code readers don’t have a lot of fancy bells and whistles. It didn’t come with any offers and there isn’t really much of incentive to use it (especially with companies failing at their QR code campaigns). But what I do love about it is it comes with the ability to create your own personal, mobile, QR code.  I’m still trying to figure out the significance of creating a code and then emailing it to a friend when I can just as easily send out a text or Facebook message but the potential is quite intriguing.

From the sad uses of QR codes I’ve seen, its clear companies don’t understand the truth about their effectiveness. As stated in the article this week “Linking consumers to your cause with QR codes” we learn that QR codes are most effective in making transactions feel less “transactional.”

That thought, coupled with the experience I’ve had playing with my QR code reader, I now plan to incorporate a QR code video series to gain awareness for my newest client based on all the community outreach programs he is involved in.

I’m convinced this is the first step in marketing with clients rather than to them; as traditional marketing suggests.

Darral Eves Tutorial is a great place to get started. Happy Scanning!


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