How Google Sees Me.

According to this Moz article, the rise of social media sites has caused Google to take into account social signals to determine a websites ranking. Some of the things that are considered are:

  1. Number of tweets and retweets a URL has
  2. The authority of the person tweeting the URL
  3. Number of Facbook shares and likes a URL has
  4. How many 1+ a URL has

I find these stats to be extremely accurately as I looked up my name and email address this weekend.

First thing that populated was the high end wedding invitation business that I sold almost 1 year ago. The fact that I am still associated to my prior business shows me that it takes a great deal of time for the google spiders to link you to more current events.

This is a good picture into why the remarkable blog post you just spent a week writing takes months to find its way to top of the search engine. It takes time for authority to be built around what you have to say and share; in the form of social proof.

Second I found a blog post I wrote 2.5 years ago. Yes! It’s taken 2.5 years for a blog post to reach “rank-able” status when there is little social sharing taking place. This shows me being successful on the internet is more about being the turtle than the hare in the children’s story “Tortoise and the Hare.”

Little by little, step by calculated step is the way to reach top search engine status.

This is clear to me why? Because since being in this class I have written the most concentrated SEO friendly blog posts. Within weeks of executing advanced SEO tactics all that populates in the search result “Sarah Stahl” are 2 year old links to a life I used to have.  Much has changed since then but according to the all-knowing Google, no one would even have a clue.

Due to my personal lack of social proof for my new found career, Google currently has no clue that I’m a proficient Social Media Analyst and the success I’ve brought my clients. Google has no clue of the advanced writings I’ve shared on the social perspectives I’ve gained while being a part of this Graduate Program. Google doesn’t know I’ve moved, nor does google know of some major family events that have taken place.

Google can’t even determine which one of the other 8 Sarah Stahl’s I am on Facebook and Twitter.

So why is Google so trustworthy?

In an instant gratification kind of culture this is no Bueno. But given some perspective I see the power of Google when the right content is disseminated over a consistent and prolonged period of time can truly build a leading brand across online channels.

I just question Google’s ability to populate accurate, current, events.


4 thoughts on “How Google Sees Me.

  1. Hey Sarah,

    Very interesting take on what happens when you google yourself. For this particular assignment I approached the idea of googling myself from the view point of what does Google know about me? How relevant is the information on there with regards to who I am? Surprisingly it was kind of accurate which made it scary.

    I am switching career paths and as I apply for jobs I have to now remember that they are googling me up and trying to determine what kind of person I am from the information that comes up. The information is not bad it’s just if I am going to be interviewed then they already know much about me and may have already made an opinion as to what kind of person I am.

    What I don’t to want find from being googled is something akin to Facebook where the information revealed is too current and almost real time about the happenings in my life now that would be scary.



  2. Well, if it’s any consolation, once Google figures out your new skills, it will still link to those long after you’ve moved on to something else!

    Kidding. I don’t claim to know how its algorithms work, but I also find that the things it unearths aren’t necessarily the things that I would have guessed (or hoped!) it would. Maybe there’s some really sticky metadata floating around in there? To be fair, I suspect that Google does “know” about some of those things; they just haven’t burbled their way up to the top of the pile. Give it time. Hey, did “Google News” change things at all?


  3. Looking at the Moz article you reference in your post, it is really intriguing to see the evolution of how Google ranks websites. Six months ago, 2 years ago, 5 years ago, each and every day it seems like our ever changing world continues to evolve and change even in the world of Google. I would have never imagined at the beginning of Twitter that the number of tweets and retweets from a URL or the number of Facebook shares and likes a URL has would ever be taken into account where a website is ranked in a Google search. I, too, found some old posts of mine that I never would have thought I would find. This definitely shows that we all need to be careful with our online presence and always be mindful of what we post on the Internet.


  4. Hi Sarah,
    I had to chuckle on the fact that Google had ranked something you did 2.5 years ago… One of the things I found during my Google search results for myself was that there was a picture that was from 2007 that came up prominently in the results! I couldn’t believe that. Then I remembered that it was from when I once had a Blogger / Blogpot Blog (which Google owns/owned) and of course that is given relevance due to those very factors. But my goodness, drop the image please, Google. I deleted my blog 5 years ago and the related profile as well. I guess it goes to show Google never forgets… Or “deletes” anything for realz.


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