The Kickstarter that Kick’s All others out of the water

You thought learning was instantaneous with your smartphone? Think again.
Our smartphone is only a two dimensional view of how we see the world around us. It’s a handy source of linked and categorized known information that will as hand a learning tool as your encyclopedia Britannica’s.
But, what about the things in the world around you that you don’t know?
Do you think it’s possible to access another dimension of learning with the world around us?
You bet, and the SCIO Kickstarter project shows just how that is possible.
Ever wonder if there are answers to these types of questions?
“How do I know which watermelon to pick at the store? Is there a way to find out which is sweetest?”
What about that Mexican Fiesta you’re throwing with your friends on Friday. But, it’s Monday and while  at the store you want to know “which avocado will be ripe by Friday?”
Or  “How many calories, carbs, and proteins are in this shake?” Or in any meal for that matter.
Gardner’s, you can analyze the molecular structure of your plants before (those of us without a green thumb) kill them. With SCIO, It’s now possible to view the life of the plant at a molecular level to determine how to keep it alive.
Wowed yet? If not, it certainly takes a lot to impress you!
“What if there is a way to know the chemical make-up of everything you come in contact with?”
I’m sure by now you have learned, SCIO makes it possible.
Using a small chip called a spectrometer the SCIO technology allows users to scan objects (using light) to determine its chemical makeup. The information is sent to their cloud and analyzed by their algorithm and then reveals the molecular structure of any object directly to your phone; in real time.
The more things you scan, the more SCIO learns about the things that are important to you, individually. To explore our world “You no longer have to be a scientist, you just have to follow your curiosities;  and every time you scan your helping build the world’s first database of matter.”
This breakthrough is a crowdsourcing innovation of monumental proportions. Our environmental explorations allow us to compile information as we learn. Like never before we will be able to work together to provide developments that lead the way to new discoveries in research, medication, education, food systems and our environment.
The future is upon us in a way we could have never imagined. I’ve backed, will you?

3 thoughts on “The Kickstarter that Kick’s All others out of the water

  1. Hi Sarah –

    You found a very interesting KickStarter campaign. While the application will help with everyday grocery store questions, I think the SCiO has extreme potential that cuts further than they are advertising. I’m also assuming that is why it was funded over $2.7M and had almost 13,000 backers. I love that KickStarter allows those products that people have never even thought of to be displayed and then allows people to buy one instantly. That is why KickStarter is so dangerous to people like me – who love great ideas. I also love the idea that someone can become a partner to the company. That opens a whole new avenue for new entrepreneurs. I would love to be someone who could just invest in these new startups through KickStarter and make a living off the profits of these amazing new companies. This was a great blog post and thanks for bringing my attention to this new technology that will be available soon.


  2. Wow, these guys aren’t messing around! They have pictures with lab coats and everything!

    Where did you hear about this? This was completely new to me, although almost 13,000 people clearly knew all about it. Can you imagine crunching the numbers, realizing you need $200K to get a project going — and then getting more than 13 TIMES that amount in funding? There are worse problems to have, sure, but wow …

    I did notice that the concept of “partnering” with them is a little murky. Sure, you get to have dinner with the founders and bend their ear, but there’s nothing in the way of equity or anything like that. I wonder if Kickstarter will ever drift that way and become more of a venture capital-type scenario, where people can invest big and really own a tangible piece of the enterprise. That could get really complicated really fast, but if the potential profits are big enough, I suspect they’ll find a way.

    Fascinating post!


  3. Hi Sarah,

    I love how you delved in deeply to one specific project, and with such detail. I’m almost hoping I understood the assignment. This is great stuff. Genius of you to bring in your Crowdsourcing learning as well into the Kickstarter analysis. Your analogy of the project to a massive science project is ideal. It literally brings science to the masses, for which the results could be enormous. It’s a concept that would have never crossed my mind.

    I also noted that responders to your blog provided additional figures in terms of backing and potential. In a way, this subject matter reminds me of my 5th job, that of network marketing for Youngevity Life Sciences, where I focus on natural supplements. It may be good to compare the results coming in from this initiative with the benefits of our products. They can probably sell their findings to companies like Youngevity for comparison purposes. Very interesting indeed!


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