Shaking up the Marketing Mix by Following the Leader

As a self-proclaimed reverse engineer marketer, you won’t find many push tactics directly on Gary Vaynerchuck’s website. The two push tactics he does deploy end with the same result; inviting users to become a Gary VIP!

expert social media marketing

This allows his most passionate followers to receive monthly VIP deals on speaking engagements, marketing advice, wine and more. The best part; you don’t have to sign up to “un-lock” his amazing content. It’s all available, free of charge, on his well engaged site as a trending pull marketing tool of choice.

Then why focus on an email subscriber list?

According to This Article the Social Media Examiner describes one of the most heavily used communication channels to date. “Email marketing is considered the third overall most effective channel for lead generation for marketers in 2013, producing 13% of all leads.”

Growing an email list is one of the most active ways to make use of website and online engagement.

The big question on everyone’s mind is, “what’s the ROI of an email marketing campaign?”

Well, Gary V. has an answer for that too.

I have yet to discover any other website that has more recently updated content than Gary V’s website.

As it should be, his daily refreshed content is even easily digestible on any mobile device due to his massive push to “go mobile” since 2010. He continues to lead the way in mobile conversions, interactions and more importantly accessible usability.

Where do we sit now with mobile consumption?

Mobile overtook fixed internet access in 2014 and is currently surpassing the 160 million desktop users. “We’re now past the mobile tipping point as this report from comScore shows the majority of digital media consumption now takes place on mobile apps.” – Smart Insights

But how does Gary V. spread on mobile so easily?

Gary Vaynerchuk includes quite prominent social sharing buttons on his home page as well as, on all of his video and blog content.

What I love most is his use of Click to Tweet capabilities. This function takes the social sharing button to a whole new level. With Click to Tweet the content builder can link a tweet to populate with custom text when the social sharing button is clicked.

This eliminates the never ending link that populates on your status update that leaves little room to share your opinions.

click to tweet, social media marketing

As you can see, this makes it even easier for users to click that big blue bird.

A snazzy tweet is populated, complete with a shortened link (if you choose), and a witty quote that says just the right thing in 140 characters or less.

Gary V’s ability to fill his site with valuable information based on questions he’s answered from listening intently to his audience is what makes his site so valued. Foremost, you’ll find the population of his most recent YouTube episodes in which he answers up to 10 questions per episode on relevant questions that any entrepreneur in the marketing world is dying to know.

But, you have to think creatively to get your Q’s answered. In fact, he shares

What You’ll Need to Get @GaryVee to Answer Your Questions

From an integrative marketing perspective Gary V. doesn’t perform any of the traditional marketing mix tactics. He has proudly stated on a number of occasions that he has gained success because he hasn’t used any traditional marketing.

Then how is he so stinking successful without using the vastly followed traditional marketing school of thought?

This is how! Warning: Profanity

Gary V. accredits his marketing’s success through the practice of giving back in the form of a “thank you economy.

Although he doesn’t use a traditional mix of marketing it’s tough to fault him considering he’s been recognized by Forbes Magazine due to the fact that “Gary Vaynerchuk’s New Social Media Strategy Should Change the Way You Do Business”

Marketing is an ever changing organism that requires savvy marketers to think ahead of customers needs, who are real people tired of being interrupted while they search online.

How will you shake up your integrated marketing?


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