Is Email Marketing Dead?

As a self proclaimed skeptic of the true power email marketing has, I’m glad to say I have been re-educated to understand the impact of it’s full potential.

It simply comes down to this; If an email marketing campaign isn’t working, something is being done wrong.

What is it with marketers (myself included) suddenly getting writers block the second a mass email needs to go out? This weeks lesson has shed new light on the impact of being myself and boldly speaking in my brands voice. That’s what made email subscribers sign up in the first place, so why stop now?

According to a study conducted by Chris Brogan, he discovered:

4% of users choose to enter a Twitter relationship with brands.

15% of users choose to enter a Facebook relationship with brands.

While an astonishing, 91% willingly sign up to receive daily emails from brands.

I think it’s safe to say, Email is not dead!

Keeping it alive; that’s the tricky part. The guide to email marketing, provided by MadMimi, had just the tips to make sure email death is not in your brands future.

Although email is one of the main systems of communication in our lives, it doesn’t have to be an underutilized tool. According to the Direct Marketing Association, firms made an average of 40$ for every dollar spent on email marketing in 2011. That number has since grown to $44.25 in 2014. This is a significant email marketing ROI that shouldn’t be easily written off.

Keeping the anatomy, of a vibrant email campaign, healthy requires a few calculated steps that explain what your company does and should build towards engagement levels over time.

1. Keep branding consistent.

2. Add a clear value.

3. Create engaging titles that are honest, descriptive and specific.

4. Include a clear action step.

5. Allow photo and video to help tell your message.

6. Include social sharing links.

7. Optimize for mobile devices.

8. Stay on topic.

9. Keep it simple.

10. Be a human!

Email must have a purpose to bring prospects through meaningful stages that prompt action. In fact in this video, the Digital Marketer has turned an impressive amount of email data into some more specific action steps that Marketers stand to benefit greatly from.

Email is an intriguing tool that plays nicely to the IMC mix.  As we’ve learned in previous weeks, a cohesive marketing mix is what adds to brands legitimacy if they can show up in all the right places. But we all know it’s not just about “being there” email helps take static marketing tactics to another level of communicative engagement that should not be taken for granted. Nor should it be replaced by social media. These tools need to be carefully balanced into any professional IMC mix.

Reason being? “Email is transnational, while social is relational. They are completely different tools that serve competently different purposes” as strategically explained by John Haydon in this video.

The two can work so nicely together when, here’s the key; used properly. The best example I’ve seen of this was the Wilkinson Swords, Santa Clause hostage campaign.

“What’s genius about this social media campaign is that it was designed to get followers involved. The video was left on a cliff-hanger with the phrase, “CLICK TO #SAVESANTA” at the end.Voters are now eagerly anticipating the follow-up video this year which will determine the fate of our truly beloved Saint Nicolas.” –Jeff Bullas

They built an email list to send out the rebuttal video to those interested in learning “Santa’s fate” and continue to send yearly reminders of “the right tool for the job.”

Perfect example of how to create momentum and tell a long term story using IMC tactics.


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