ThisLife; Advanced Photo Sharing Tool, changing how we store memories.

Originally launched in 1998, MyFamily was a photo sharing tool that’s taken on quite the evolutionary process; most currently resulted in the photo organizing app called ThisLife.

Now known as; has shifted its focus to “Help people preserve and share their family history.” With a strategy to go deeper in expanding their niche service offerings, Shutterfly purchased MyFamily in 2013 to continue linking the geographically separated family unit through this social photo sharing network; easily accessible through a mobile app.

Renamed; ThisLife “offers a best-in-class memory solution comprising of facial recognition, duplicate detection, chronological organization and instant product creation.”

1. D E T A I L S   O F   T H E   P L A T F O R M

Originally targeted to geographically separated families ThisLife’s photo organizing capabilities has now attracted over 14,000 users looking to intelligently organize their photo/video storage.

I chose to review this platform because its targeted branding message resonated with me. As a mother of 3 and a military spouse who is constantly moving around the world, (rarely in close proximity to my extended family) I was intrigued by the platforms algorithm allowing users to organize and share photos in a way that made staying connected easier.

ThisLife’s intelligent organization platform offers features like facial recognition and presents photos and albums in an elegant timeline for convenient sharing and product creation.”

ThisLife’s interface offers compelling usage capabilities, displaying photos in a timeline format which scrolls by horizontally; as Shutterfly layers on ThisLife’s technology to enable “richer storytelling and easier product creation.”

ThisLife was founded in 2010, by a husband and wife team, that now employs 11, who originally raised $2.75 million in funding led by Madrona Venture Group;  that seems to have not been in vain.

Their Mission: “ThisLife gathers and organizes all your photos and videos in one place, making it easy to rediscover, share and do more with your memories”

2.  O V E R A L L   T H O U G H T S   O N   T H E    P L A T F O R M

ThisLife has the capabilities to stand out from other photo sharing channels simply due to its unlimited storage capabilities and patented photo organizing algorithm. Proficient in all in one features that social sharing sites such as Dropbox, Flickr and Google just aren’t capable of.

Features including the ability to import from social sites, remove duplicate photos, facial recognition, search, favorites, audio notes, joint accounts, order prints and make gifts allows this platform to far surpass industry competition.

“ThisLife by Shutterfly solves a huge consumer need: management of life’s most important memories. We live in a multi-device world and managing, organizing and celebrating photos and video has become overwhelming,” said Jeffrey Housenbold, president and CEO of Shutterfly.

“The launch of ThisLife by Shutterfly provides customers with the most comprehensive memory solution on the market. Our platform allows customer the ability to focus on reliving, sharing and creating products with their favorite memories instead of spending hours tediously cataloging and organizing images and video.”

3. P R O X I M I T Y   M A R K E T I N G   S U G G E S T I O N S

Since its target market originated to help families separated geographically keep in touch digitally; the most creative way I can think to use proximity marketing would be to incorporate “photo-opp prompts” when users are out and about.

Whether at the park, at a restaurant, at the zoo, at a school play or even a local event these geo-initiated social prompts can quickly become the branding engagement that brings in more passionate users.

As a mother with a hectic life, I often forget to snap a picture at all the moments I would of liked to. Many times, I’ve thought “Oh no, I wish I got a picture of (fill in the blank)”.

With 170 million mobile users in the U.S., spending close to 30 hours a week on their device this app has the capability to remind people to snap those coveted memory prompting photos; simply forgoten in the moment.

A prompt such as,

proximity marketing idea

has powerful potential to boost valuable engagement that lines real value branding.

Proximity Marketing prompts like this would be the most precise branding that ThisLife could engage in as there is no physical location to purchase a product, as they continue to seek authentic moments to fulfill a need in their users lives.

S O C I A L   C H A N N E L   T O   C O N S  I D E R

First off, for a photo sharing site, an Instagram account is imperative. After reviewing their site I only noticed the presence of a facebook and twitter account.

Instagram would allow them to create an interactive community quite easily around user generated photos that users opt in to share. These photos can be used to tell the company’s story, describe app functions, as well as educate how to take better photos to share and store as memories are made.

Besides, that’s exactly why users are so engaged as they “now experiences the present as an anticipated memory.”

Don’t miss out on this phenomenon ThisLife, as you help create new moments in life.

Taking it a step further, they could then engage in personalized email campaign that suggested different photo editing apps that helped users perfect their photos to make them more apt to purchase prints. There is nothing worse than taking a photo of a special moment just to realize the lighting is bad.

Turning users into amateur photographers through content sharing will aid in more photos being printed.

Have you tried ThisLife? I would love to hear how you think it stacks up in the social photo sharing scene.


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