This Breakout Marketing Company is your Social Media Marketing Secret Weapon

So… how do you know which marketing consultant to choose when it finally dawns on you that asking your assistant to “manage your social media marketing accounts” are no longer cutting it?

With such a saturated field it can be a headache to cut through all the clutter to make the most strategic business decision possible. HubSpot actually wrote a pretty snazzy article to help define the process, titled:

11 Skills to Look for When Hiring a Social Media Agency

The article addresses the most important abilities to be aware of, and is a good rule of thumb to follow when measuring the proficiency of any potential candidate.

Marketing is now about building communities through creating engaging content. In fact Google, and Facebook are now penalizing businesses who aren’t creating rich content that results in organic engagement.

Content = Storytelling.

But, lets face it, we really need to “stop storytelling like it’s 2007”! –Gary Vaynerchuk

I’ve recently broken into the web marketing sphere by offering consultant services strictly geared around determining the Social Media ROI of all your online initiatives. The following is a glimpse into how I’ll be kicking off my launch.

Company Analysis. is an energetic and dynamic (independent) web marketing specialist, focusing on ROI based consulting services. These services include the technical proficiency, drawing clear conclusions of how a company’s social media efforts affect their bottom line.

Founded in 2014, and dedicated to helping business’ grow through the simplification of complex marketing strategies throughout a variety of industries.

Who is the Target Audience?

Through an intense target market analysis I was able to define a very specific niche market. Meet Angela, she’s 45-55 years old and the CEO of a Public Relations firm with 5-12 employees. Angela is currently seeking to make a major change in how her company conducts business in order to adapt to the current merge taking place in the PR and social scene. Her clients are traditionalists, and as she modifies her services she recognized the need to educate her clients of Social Media’s powerful impact. She’s landed some rather big name clients, so she moves cautiously to keep her exquisite reputation. Angela is a dog lover and often travels to her mountain home with her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. She loves to exercise, enjoys fine foods, and often makes time to share her hobbies with her closest girlfriends. She’s currently working to be an industry leader in her field.

How did I figure this out?

By conducting an this in-depth Target Market Analysis of your dreams! 

SWOT analysis.

  • Strengths: Provides a niche offering of helping CEO’s define their social media ROI. Currently only 25% know how to determine their social ROI and many are struggling to measure their social impact; I’m working to change that.
  • Weaknesses: The social marketing field is growing fast and requires a lot of resources to offer high quality data analysis. With limited resources, as a one woman show, I am vulnerable to competitors who have the funds to provide more in depth reports.
  • Opportunities: I have two very promising opportunities that will take place in the spring and summer of 2015.
  1. Spring opportunity will be to attend the Wichita start up weekend and join a dynamic team of entrepreneurs in a challenge that will showcase my advanced marketing skills.
  2. Summer opportunity includes my cross country trip that I will turn into a “mobile marketing” campaign in which I will review and critique the social platforms of all the places I visit along the way.
  • Threats: Competitors looking to replicate my services have the same unguarded access to all my content and have the ability to follow my steps to create a competitive business.

Why I’ll be using an IMC strategy.

As we learned in lectures this semester integrated marketing communication is a basis for a successful multimedia communications plan. The combination of several media channels and tools produce a greater experience for the consumer. This is accomplished by providing value and letting customers to participate in a growth experience that they are proud to be part of.

The truth is IMC allows business of any size to compete at the level David and Goliath once did. Spoiler alert, the little guy came out on top!

Perception is the result of an overall customer experience across the web. IMC forces me to use consistent messaging which means customers are more likely to remember me when they need me. This is the key to creating a community that markets for you.

Thinking beyond my peers.

I’m very intrigued by the possibilities of proximity marketing. Gary Vaynerchuk recently predicted this would be the trending marketing method in 2016 so I’d like to experiment a bit to test out its true capabilities.  Since I don’t have a physical location I really want to explore how people react to the idea of “drop in” sessions. I’m testing the idea out a bit with my mobile marketing campaign and believe the next steps will relate to compelling potential clients to step outside of their comfort zone. I’m thinking of creating an app for my business that uses geo-tagging alerting potential clients in the vicinity of my services. With a call to action that prompts folks to sit down for a “cup of coffee on me.”


Because, measurement is paramount. This social media engagement plan has multiple ways to measure success.  With the Facebook “dark post”, I will be able to measure clicks, likes, and conversions.  The amount of activity on Facebook will be directly related to number of attendees at the free seminar. I will be able to consider the marketing mix successful based on the amount of direct interaction with the free web analysis form completion.

Another way to measure success is during the real-time Twitter and Instagram content.  I will monitor Twitter using the Twitonomy tool and Instagram with the Iconosquare tool.  I will consider my content successful if there is a 10% growth (on either channel) in activity prior to the start of the seminar and a 25% growth (on either channel) during the seminar.

  • I plan to use Mention to monitor which users are most interactive with my online chatter surrounding the event.
  • I plan to use AgoraPulse to monitor which platform is results in the most meaningful activity.
  • I will also set up a goal in Google Analytics to track the conversion of my free web analysis and be able to determine which content prompted the most form completion.

Closing Remarks.

What I’ve learned from this in-depth marketing plan is that it takes a significant amount of planning to prepare for a professional operation. But, all the planning can be in place execution of each step is the key to a successful integrated marketing campaign.

The future of marketing is incredibly dynamic; are you prepared to market with (rather than to) “the connected consumer?”

Start Now:  with my FREE Web Analysis


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