A little about me.

social media marketing expert

When it all changed…

For best results, this should be read aloud in your best Morgan Freeman voice for full effect of the sheer awesomeness of what your about to hear.


I’ve always done everything a bit backwards from what was considered “the norm”.  But, after exceeding all my original goals I’m not sure I was ever backward to begin with. With a fresh slate I’m now excited to get started on a whole new list of goals geared towards building a unique marketing brand from scratch. I mean, life is meant for living right?!

I enlisted in the Army straight out of high school, met and married my best friend, then welcomed our first of three children all before I was 21. As life began to play out around us, we made some major decisions that would affect our long term financial plans and started asking ourselves just how we saw our life together unfolding? Right on time, a unique path guided our steps.

We decided the best fit for us would be for me to stay home to raise and home-school our children. As a one income family it was time to get innovative, so my creative streak began. I started a stationery business, Paper Perfections, to help offset our single income  and worked my fanny off to make it successful. I was in the trenches of sole proprietorship for 7 years and found out some very solid actions to help businesses succeed in online marketing decisions through the use of analyzing their Social Media efforts.

I have discovered some of the neatest tricks by diving deep into  the depths of Google Analytics data  to included tracking clients actions from their organic keyword search on Google to an action on your website; and everything in between. Surprised?

I know I was!


A little more about me.

Social media marketing expert

When it changed again…

At the beginning of 2013, things changed again when I went to school to earn my business degree when our third was just a few months old. An entrepreneur to my core, I found a deeper passion for Web Marketing specifically; through the use of advanced Social Media skills.

I started with my own business and have expanded far beyond  as I continue to think up new ways to help business’ succeed.  I eat, breath, sleep Social Media Marketing and have for the past 3 years; please don’t ask me what’s going on in the world – I don’t have a clue!

But I do know my way around Web Marketing quite proficiently. So, feel free and ask away!

As I quickly moved from novice to expert, I started to realize there aren’t a lot of advanced resources on how to figure out and use metrics to determine if your web marketing is directly affecting ROI. I suppose I’m back to doing things in reverse because rather than wait around for someone to teach me I’ve been figuring it out myself.  I’ve uncovered some major game changers using the free Google Analytics tool. With that, I’ve come up with a very solid customizable combo that is sure to help your business take full advantage of the rapidly approaching standards to use social media as a fundamental marketing tool.

With all this talk about “what is Social Media really doing for my business” or “am I loosing money using FB adds” or “Can I really determine my Social Media ROI?” I was elated to find out that all these questions, and more can truly be answered through the use of a FREE tool and a few paid of course.

Oh yeah, and time, and savvy marketing, and engaging content, and combine your social efforts and of course Analysis.

So off I go on my journey to flip traditional marketing on it’s head!

Who’s with me?


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